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About PLN Genetic Heart Disease

For our heart to beat, calcium ions in the heart muscle cells are important. The phospholamban (PLN) protein plays an important role in the calcium balance of the heart muscle cells.

Heart disease is caused by a loss of cardiomyocytes (heart muscle cells), usually because of a heart attack or weakening of the cardiac muscle cells. Heart contractions and the ability to pump blood through our bodies depend on well orchestrated calcium movements in and out of the cell. The PLN (phospholamban) gene is a key regulator of the pump that controls calcium cycling. Scientific names for this PLN gene mutation are c.40_42del AGA and PLN.Arg14del.

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Why our foundation?

  • Conduct scientific research projects
  • Stimulate partnership with PLN Institutes
  • Intensify hospitals & medical centers network
  • Inform about latest PLN research developments
  • Support PLN patients and family members
About our foundation

PLN Facts

“Almost all PLN patients are descendants from one person and can be almost completely linked to... a Dutch ancestor who lived some 575-825 years ago.”

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